our story

As an American born Colombian, I always wanted to look for ways that inspired me growing up in a bicultural environment, and one of the most inspiring things that I found growing up in Colombia’s Coffee Growing Region was its beautiful landscapes, biodiversity and artesanal handicrafts.

After I graduated as an Industrial Designer in 2007 as well as having a musical background, I came back to U.S looking for my dream job not knowing the very unfortunate economic collapse that was just about to happen. Therefore, after many years of failed professional job searching and working many blue collar jobs, on one of my trips to Colombia, I had the idea to design a custom made leather guitar strap and that’s when the business idea came up.

Desisano = Design + Artesano

Is the concept of merging artesanal handicrafts, leather, Industrial Design and a rock n roll background. That’s why in many of our creations, we combine natural handmade Colombian ethnic trims, like Caña Flecha, Fique, etc with distressed rustic leather, along with geometrical patterns and a bohemian taste.