5 Things You Must Know Before Buying Leather Handbags

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5 Things You Must Know Before Buying Leather Handbags

Leather handbags are not merely an accessory. They make a statement about you and add to the outfits that you choose for yourself. Genuine leather handbags can add to your persona as an individual.

However, when you are planning to buy leather bags that are chic & modern, take time to research rather than simply picking out the best-looking product. The finest leather goods are defined by five essential factors ranging from their design to their origin.

While on the lookout for soft leather handbags, make sure that it ticks the following checkboxes.

Real vs Faux Leather Handbags

Good leather can survive the harshest conditions. Quality leather handbags are extremely strong irrespective of the fact that they have been treated or not.

There has recently been a surge of faux leather goods online. They often look and feel as good as the real thing, but their quality is often poor, and they are unable to withstand the wear and tear caused by regular use.

Therefore, whenever you are looking to buy a soft leather handbag, go for full-grain leather bags, which, by definition, does not have a coating used to mask the natural markings on the hide. Leather goods made of this type of leather are soft and supple to feel other than being very durable.

The Slanted unisex laptop bag from Desisano made of top grain leather is a prime example of a high-quality leather bag that should be a part of your collection.

Quality of Fine Leather Handbags

The second most important thing when purchasing the best quality leather bags is to understand the quality of the leather used in creating this product. The leather's quality is determined by two factors - the hide selection and the process of tanning the leather.

Hide selection is the process of determining the health of the hide and the natural markings on it. A highly graded piece of leather would have a clean hide derived from a healthy animal's skin.

Tanning is the next step in which the leather is treated using the naturally-occurring chemical, tannin. There are two types of tanning - chrome tanning and vegetable tanning. While the former uses harsh chemicals and completes the process in a couple of days, the latter uses natural materials and treats the leather in an eco-friendly way over a few weeks.

Zenù tote

Leather handbags made from oil-tanned leather, such as the Zenù tote, are softer to feel and are more durable. 

Finishing of Leather Handbags

When it comes to quality leather bags, it's not only the exterior but also what's inside of the handbag that makes a difference. The linings and bags have to be made out of good quality material to ensure that the bag's whole structure is durable.

Bags with flimsy finishing reflect on the bag's craftsmanship and don't have the durability of the best leather bags for men. The finest leather handbags often have edges that are hand-polished by the craftsmen.

 Slanted bag in forest green

The Slanted bag in forest green with Caña Flecha insert on the strap and soft inner lining is a stunning example of a great finish that includes ethnic patterns while not compromising the leather handbag's quality.

Colours of Genuine Leather Handbags

There are four main colours of the best leather handbags that are commonly available in the market. Black and dark brown bags are seen as classy and powerful, and suitable for professional environments.

The light brown and tan leather bags, on the other hand, are more casual and are suited for creative individuals with a flair for chic styles.

leather handbags

Tan leather handbags such as this espresso Zenù tote with Caña Flecha insert are subtle yet creative and look great from board meetings to brunches.

The Statement Your Leather Handbags Make

The style of leather handbag that you carry makes an important statement about who you are. Based on your use, you can choose between crossbody bags, totes and messenger bags.

Each of the styles is contemporary and fashionable, giving you a chance to look exquisite in any outfit you don along with one of the best leather messenger bag.

The minimal Radius Crossbody bag, for example, is suited for both work and leisure and, combined with quality materials, should give you a long-lasting, stylish accessory.

Choosing the perfect leather handbag is not an easy task. These are expensive pieces of accessory, and therefore, it is vital to check for quality before making a purchase decision about the product.