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When you think about NYC's greenest and most natural site, there is always one place that comes to mind, Central Park. Spanning over 800 acres and centered between Manhattan's Upper East Side and Upper West Side, it's one of the cities most visited sites and one of the world's most visited urban parks indeed. On the picture above, we can appreciate The Pond which is one of seven bodies of water in the park and it is one of the best places to relax, calm your mind and watch some of the many birds and ducks that mingle on any given day. One of...

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Filandia is northern most town located in the Quindío region of Colombia and it is situated on the west slope of the Andes Cordillera Central mountain range at an altitude over 1900 meters above sea level (over 6000 ft). This privileged altitude gives Filandia a super pleasant climate which ranges from temperate to cool making it ideal for growing high quality coffee as well as for raising dairy cattle. Like most cities and towns in Colombia, the town's square is the epicenter of the municipality and it's surrounded by typical colorful houses that host restaurants, cafés and gift-shops. Besides all of...

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Bogotá D.C is Colombia's capital and largest city and it's definitely one of Latin America's major metropolitan hubs. With a population of over 8'000'000 people and a land mass over 600 sq. miles,  it's pretty comparable to NYC when it comes to size and the number of habitants.    One of the most visited landmarks in Bogotá is Mount Monserrate that stands at over 10.000 above sea level and its history dates back to the 1600's as a place of pilgrimage until today. You can get to the top either by cable car, hiking your way through the pedestrian trail or...

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