A trip to Bogotá

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A trip to Bogotá

Bogotá D.C is Colombia's capital and largest city and it's definitely one of Latin America's major metropolitan hubs. With a population of over 8'000'000 people and a land mass over 600 sq. miles,  it's pretty comparable to NYC when it comes to size and the number of habitants. 

View of Bogotá from Mount Moserrate


One of the most visited landmarks in Bogotá is Mount Monserrate that stands at over 10.000 above sea level and its history dates back to the 1600's as a place of pilgrimage until today. You can get to the top either by cable car, hiking your way through the pedestrian trail or hopping on the funicular that creeps up trough a very steep tunnel and it's the most fun experience in my opinion.


Monserrate Bogota
Another main landmarks in Bogotá is the Bolívar Square. It's located in the heart of the historical downtown district and its surrounded by a few of the nation's most important buildings such as the National Capitol and The Palace of Justice. As soon as you start to explore the surroundings around the square, you'll find yourself in the Candelaria district where you'll find authentic restaurants, museums, beautiful murals and hip street vendors.
Vinyl Street Vendor