Exploring Colombia's Coffee Cultural Landscape | Filandia, Quíndio

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Exploring Colombia's Coffee Cultural Landscape | Filandia, Quíndio

Filandia is northern most town located in the Quindío region of Colombia and it is situated on the west slope of the Andes Cordillera Central mountain range at an altitude over 1900 meters above sea level (over 6000 ft). This privileged altitude gives Filandia a super pleasant climate which ranges from temperate to cool making it ideal for growing high quality coffee as well as for raising dairy cattle.

Sunset in Filandia, Quindío

Like most cities and towns in Colombia, the town's square is the epicenter of the municipality and it's surrounded by typical colorful houses that host restaurants, cafés and gift-shops. Besides all of this, the square is also a meeting point for most of the locals and definitely a landmark that invites people to congregate.

Filandia's Square

Aside from the unique coffee that you will find in Filandia, there are also other autochthonous treasures, such as many indigenous handicrafts that are sold all over town making it a unique and special souvenir for any loved one or just for oneself.


Embera indigenous handicrafts by Susana and her son.