Become A More Conscious Online Shopper With Desisano

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Become A More Conscious Online Shopper With Desisano

In the post-pandemic world, e-commerce has become a major hit. With thousands of old and new brands making their way on the Internet, shopping was never easier than now. However, on the flip side, quality issues from fast fashion, poor working conditions with lower wages, and a humungous carbon footprint have emerged as vital vices of online shopping. Deforestation, sweatshops for bulk productions, and ever-increasing landfills are the grim aspects of online shopping that are hardly spoken about or cared for.

But hey, do you think stopping online shopping altogether can solve this issue? Of course, no! Apart from the fact that online shopping is more convenient in the 21st century, the employment it generates cannot be undermined at all. Your shopping online is helping numerous families earn their daily bread, which indicates that e-commerce has to go on.

So, is it possible to be sustainable and shop guiltlessly online? Of course, yes! All you need to be is a mindful shopper - shop only when required and shop from brands that are transparent with their business ethics, source responsibly, curate/produce in small batches, and help their bit to save the environment from denigrating.

And if you have bags in mind, DESISANO is the brand to vouch for. With its sustainable and slow approach, Desisano has not only been a favorite among its clients but also a great workplace for artisans to work liberally. It is a space that urges you to be mindful of offsetting online purchases' carbon footprints while shopping and enables a guiltless shopping experience. Let's take a look at how Desisano marries style and fair trade together, thus paving the way for a delightful customer experience - 

  • Fair Trade and Sustainable Products - Fairtrade is at the heart of Desisano. Handcrafted products produced in small batches at healthy workspaces ensure quality products and comfortable space for all the employees of Desisano. Did you know Desisano also urges their artisans and employees to go on a yearly paid vacay?
  • Environmental-Friendly And Responsible - Online shopping can indeed increase one's carbon footprint, but Desisano's latest venture, Eco-Cart, is equipped to tackle all the challenges of e-commerce. A part of the amount you spend on Desisano is donated to reforestation projects to ensure a lesser carbon footprint on your part. So, shop till your heart desires at Desisano sans any guilt.
  • Quality First - A family-owned enterprise, Desisano's USP is to ensure responsible sourcing of good quality raw materials and hygienic workspaces, where the products are mindfully made in small batches with a strong emphasis on quality. The leather hides are all mindfully sourced from a family-owned shop, where the good manufacturing working conditions and pay are ethical. You can find all the behind-the-scenes which are often shared on their IG handle - @desisano

E-commerce is a great boon for humankind. Who would have thought 20 years ago that you could sit back on your couch and shop to your heart's content after browsing through 100s of products? However, the onus is to utilize this medium mindfully and efficiently. By supporting a brand such as DESISANO, you are not only bringing home stylish, balanced quality and price ratio bags but also supporting fair trade, sustainable sourcing, lessening your carbon footprint, and celebrating artisanal spirit.