Leather vs. Vinyl: A Test of Quality

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Leather vs. Vinyl: A Test of Quality

For most people, the choice of personal accessories comes from a peculiar taste, reflective of their liking and sharp styling sense. It is convenient to get overwhelmed by the limitless options available all around you, but how do you make out whether you are getting your moneyโ€™s worth!

It may not surprise you why leather is considered to be an opulent fabric. When you choose leather handbags for your wardrobe, they add a sophisticated touch of extravagance to your collection. The classic and contemporary material can be paired with a vibrant range of clothes to put together an impressive attire.

But how do you make out genuine leather bags from their faux imitators? Get to know about the top 5 ways to tell whether your bags are made from leather or vinyl.ย ย 

What is Vinyl And How is It Different From Leather vs Faux Leather?

Think of vinyl as a synthetic substance, which is manufactured using resin and plastic. Despite a significant difference between leather and vinyl, the latter is a popular substitute for authentic leather products, which is why it is used in a versatile way to manufacture a wide array of products, including faux leather handbags.

Vinyl is not as durable as leather and is also slated to last for a shorter time. Due to its nature, it is prone to cracking and splitting in the long run, while genuine leather is bound to get softer.

Top 5 Ways to Investigate The Difference Between Leather and Vinyl

Often, a fabric such as vinyl can be crafted to give the impression of pure leather. Only because of the difference in the quality between the two is that genuine leather bags are priced more than their replicas.

How do you tell what is genuine leather and pay only for what a bag is worth? Take tips from these quick ways to identify leather vs faux leather.

How Does It Feel?

Genuine leather bags are supposed to feel soft and warm to the touch. On the contrary, when you feel vinyl, it is bound to feel colder and stiffer, sans the natural feel that leather handbags are bound to give you.

The Radius Crossbody bag from Desisano is a classic example of authentic leather bags!

radius crossbody bag

Flip The Side

If you happen to take a look at the flip side of the fabric in hand, you will find a cloth-like material on the back of a vinyl bag. It could be knitted or poly-filled for support, whereas this is not the case with leather. On most occasions, leather bags for women give a suede look on their back surface, with the same colour as the surface of the leather itself.

Press The Fabric

A fingertip test can help you identify the difference between leather and vinyl fabrics. If you were to press with your finger on a genuine leather fabric, with some padding behind it, you would observe tiny wrinkles forming on the surface of the leather where you are pressing your finger. Even if you create a fold with a small section of the leather handbag, you will observe some wrinkles forming on the fabric at the nexus of the fold. The absence of such wrinkles is a clear sign that you are looking at a fabric made of vinyl. So, no matter how you press or fold a bag made with vinyl, it will not show any formations.

Check The Grain

Another way to check whether your bag is made with leather or vinyl is to observe the grain of the fabric. Genuine leather bags are unlikely to show a pattern of repeated grains and will mostly leave a trail of unidentifiable patterns. This is why it is said that no two items of leather can be the same.

The Zenu Tote from Desisano is an exemplary bag that stands true to this test of authentic leather.

The Smell

Leather handbags are likely to give off a distinctive smell, unlike the typical chemical and dye-like smell that comes off a vinyl handbag.


With a vast difference in their production method, leather items are meant to last longer, which justifies the price tags which genuine leather bags carry. It is truly an experience of a lifetime to carry a true leather bag on your shoulder and make the perfect style statement.